Shade Series

Shade Series

The Pacific Outdoor Solutions Shade Series Flat Roofs have become an extremely popular and cost-effective way to extend and complement outdoor living areas. With the right vision and planning, a fixed roof can create a whole new living space that enhances a home and adds value to a property.

Enhancing & Adding Value To Property

Shade Series flat roofs are also an excellent way to add shade and privacy or to create a transitional area while preserving a sense of openness to outdoor living.

Designed and manufactured at our specialised plant, from lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium, we can produce a roof to compliment any existing structure. 

Custom Colours To Suit Your Home

The aluminium frame and joinery for our Shade Series flat roofs are powder-coated with architectural and commercial grade powders to match your existing exterior structure, or any colour you choose.

The poly-carbonate roof sheeting comes in a variety of profiles and colours as well as various tint options to filter and block sunlight and UV rays to your desired levels.