Eclipse Opening Louvre Roofs

Eclipse Opening Louvre Roofs

Summer or winter, an Eclipse opening louvre roof provides a visually stunning and highly functional outdoor living area all year round. Whether you go for a pitched, flat or angled roof, you get to design your Eclipse opening louvre roof to suit the style of your home.

The one-piece extruded aluminium louvres and stainless steel components are engineered to the highest standards, making the Eclipse suitable for extreme heat, well-below-zero temperatures, super-strong winds and corrosive coastal conditions. And the Eclipse opening louvre roof range now offers even greater versatility with new technology and control system options available.

Full Control To Suit Your Preferences

The system allows you to set the exact amount of sun, shade and ventilation you desire.

Additional options can control LED down-lights fitted into your opening louvre roof, motorised blinds, fans, heaters and more, all from a single handset.

The new remote control also includes a rain sensor and features the additional option of controlling from your phone, tablet or PC.

Catch the passing breeze or draw warm air up by opening up your louvres to create a cooler space beneath. Or open your louvres right up to let the sun fully shine through.

On cooler days, maintain your outdoor lifestyle as the louvres are uniquely designed to overlap for maximum rain protection and to stop warmer air escaping.

Full Control To Suit Your Preferences

Awnings, Carports, Verandas & Pergolas

Eclipse systems can be built as commercial awnings, residential or commercial patio cover, as a roof for glass or screened enclosures, or to cover a swimming pool.

This gazebo-style sun cover system will also protect your outdoor dining or living areas, pool, deck or balcony. We can also work with you to design an Eclipse to adapt for a carport, veranda or even a pergola!

The smooth flowing lines of the retractable Eclipse opening louvre roof systems blend in well with any architectural style.

In fact, the integrity of Eclipse systems has been proven in both the national and international arena of architectural design.
You'll also get to choose the colour from a wide range of powder coating options – see here for the full range.

Key Benefits Of Eclipse Systems

  • Allow warmth or cool air into outdoor environments for comfort.
  • Open louvres to reflect light into south facing areas.
  • Cold and dark rooms can be brought to life with natural light.
  • Complete control with a single remote control unit.
  • No need to move inside when it rains.
  • Catch and drain away the rain while partially open to allow ventilation.
  • Particularly beneficial for warm humid conditions.
  • Tailored to individual needs in order to add value and style.
  • Years of trouble free service and protection from hail and debris.
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient.
  • Colour matched to your personal tastes.
  • Easy to use and completely safe.


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